Episode 002: Real life million dollar salon owner David Barnett shares his secrets to building his hair business from scratch


Seven figure salon owner David Barnett shares his secrets to building a million dollar hair business

  • Dave Barnett not only grosses over a million dollars as a hair stylist &  salon owner but also has coached his entire team into bringing in a minimum of a six figure revenue per stylist
  • Within 3 months from Dave opening his doors, he was fully booked
  • Within 12 months, the entire salon of staff of 10 stylists were fully booked


Interview Summary

1) Start your business small using what you already have available to you

2) Plan out your day in advance

3) Upsell your client (THIS IS HUGE!!!) Dave Barnett talks about having an add-on service (your upsell) which could be eyebrows, eyelashes, hair coloring to your existing main service to your clients

4) Always offer retail products to your customers.

5) Have the mindset that YOU ARE A BUSINESS and a true professional.  You are there to advise your clients so do so and introduce new great products that can help them

6) Don’t be afraid to fail.

7) Work ON your business and not IN your business

8) As an overwhelmed hair stylist, think of yourself as a team and hire new hair stylist to work with you as a team.  Offer commission based vs. booth rental.  It WORKS!!!

You can learn more about David Barnett or book a service at www.BrushTheSalon.com


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