Episode 001: Interview with six-figure hair stylist Eric Saranto on how he built a six-figure hair business as a solo entrepreneur

In my first episode, I interview a hair stylist veteran Eric Saranto of Eric Saranto Salon based in Seattle, WA.  Eric is a six-figure hair designer who has been in the game for 30 years.  He shares his tips that any stylist can use to increase their revenue and achieve success.






Tips shared by Eric Saranto during interview:

1) Stay in touch with your customers

2) Recommended book “Beautiful Business” by Sam Brocato – his mentor

3) Keep in touch with your customers

4) Send out a customer survey

5) Get your customers used to you raising your prices

6) Gaining specialization as a hair colorist  which increased revenue by 40%

7) Show up emotionally & mentally aware everyday

8) Communicate with your client by asking open-ended and closed-ended questions so you know exactly what they want

9) Start with the end in mind

10) Growth in Business begins with the 4 R’s

  • Ask for Referrals
  • Ask for Re-booking or pre-booking proactively & appropriately
  • Recommending clients to buy retail or home health hair
  • Reviews – getting customers to leave a review for a reward/incentive e.g. discount off next appointment


You can find Eric Saranto on Facebook or book your next appointment with him at www.EricSarantoSalon.com


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