The Art of Hair Wefting

Hair wefting is the creation or manufacture of hair extensions from bulk hair or cut human ponytails. Basically if someone were to put their hair up in a ponytail, put a pair of scissors to it and cut if off, hair wefting is basically the creation of tracks or “wefts” from this loose hair.

donor cutting hair cut ponytail2

Hair wefts also known as tracks are created using a factory grade hair wefting machines. There are two types of machines that can be used – a single needle hair wefting machine and a double needle hair wefting machine.

A single needle hair wefting machine allows you to weft loose hair from start to finish. Therefore a single needle hair wefting machine on its own can be purchased and used to weft your own hair extensions.

A double needle hair wefting machine can be used to weft hair extensions. However for a double needle machine depends on a single needle hair wefting machine to construct hair wefts from start to finish and cannot be utilized in isolation. The benefit of the double needle hair wefting machine is the hair wefter weft hair at a higher speed. You can pretty much weft hair extensions twice as fast with a double needle machine versus using a single needle hair wefting machine alone.

There is a science and art to wefting hair.  Every wefter has their unique technique and you can tell where, whom and what type of machine was used to weft hair by closely observing the wefts.

Weft pic_sm

The Benefits of Hair Wefting

  • Ability to guarantee the quality of the hair you sell: This is because you know what is going into the wefts.  You are also in control of maintaining a unidirectional positioning of the hair strands which eliminates any matting or tangling from occurring during the lifetime of your hair extensions.
  • Ability to create everlasting hair extensions: By wefting your own hair extensions, you are able to create hair extensions that can last forever.  The technique to doing this is called “weft reinforcement”
  • Make money: Hair wefting is a profession.  You can earn a living by wefting hair extensions.  Hair wefters charge anywhere from $20 per hair bundle (3.5 ounces) and above.
  • Create Your Own Hair Line: Hair wefters also own custom hair lines and sell very high quality hair extensions by being in control of the quality and manufacture of their very own wefted hair extensions. 
  • Do It Yourself (DIY): There is nothing like being able to create something on your own from scratch.  It creates a sense of pride in doing so and instills a high level of self-confidence.   These people are not consumers but producers and are very hands-on and always seek new knowledge.

Hair bundle (in picture above) wefted by Tracey at Dache Hair Academy and proprietary method taught to students at the Academy



What Hair Wefting is NOT

It is NOT a hair weaving technique, neither is it a hair extensions installation technique.   It is one thing to misuse a professional terminology.  It is even much worse to proliferate its misuse.  As a result of this, there is a great amount of confusion among hair professionals who are now under the false impression that “hair wefting” is synonymous with “hair weaving” or some type of braiding technique for installing hair extensions.  The next time you hear the term “hair wefting” being misused, please speak up and make the correction.

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