Virgin Hair Ninja 101: How to instantly tell if your hair extensions will shed

There are 5 ways to do this:

  • Check for “lips” on the weft: ‘Lips’ on a weft refer to a bubble-like shape on the weft that resemble a lip. It is a flaw in the construction of the weft and causes severe shedding at these points. This is something I teach my students how to avoid when learning to weft their own hair extensions from bulk hair or cut ponytails.
  • Check for wefts that are too thick: Wefts that are too thick allow strands of hair to slip through and thereby cause shedding
  • Check for breaks within the wefts: Breaks within the wefts are gaps that allow huge amounts of shedding and hair loss
  • Check for wefts that have not been reinforced: Wefts that have not been reinforced shed
  • Check for weft that are too thin: Thin wefts shed just as easily as wefts that are too thick

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